Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Short term goals are important

I first heard the idea that (parents) should "aim for better, not for perfect" on an episode of CityLine which had Joe Rich of "Parenting -- The Long Journey."

I think it's a terrific adage -- unless of course, you're my neurosurgeon. Then, by all means, aim for perfect!

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Craig D said...

Well, at least it's not marked "EXIT ONLY!"

Me? I got off at mediocre a few exits back.

And then the car broke down...

Lee said...

Ha! Good thing indeed!

Don't fret about the car Craig. I have a feeling even if you got that car, it would be nothing but trouble for you! The car you are meant to have is right around the corner! (Just don't walk into it's path.)

kellynbreesmom said...

I need to know the exit number and maybe I will mapquest it.I think My exit said Twilight Zone-->Denise