Saturday, January 24, 2009

New mom bliss

What are the ingredients for your bliss? How often to you take advantage of them when they present themselves? Do you give yourself permission to relax? If not, who do you think is going to give it to you?


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Craig D said...

Daddy likes being "in the zone" as well.

Lee said...

Craig: of course daddies do! What are the ingredients of the daddy zone?

Emilie said...

Hi -

Can I use this image for a new mom's support group flier? It is being run by a non-for-profit Women's Center. Please let me know thanks!

Lee said...

Emilie: Thank you so much for contacting me about this!

Yes, you may use it for your flyer. E-mail me at

Lee (at) NSCcards (.) com

if you want a higher resolution copy, suitable for printing.