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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How do you hop?

Growing up, I never thought twice about the hopscotch pattern. At the local schools it was drawn as depicted under "A" below. Isn't that how everyone does it?

Flash forward to reading blog posts as an adult. Design "B" is clearly illustrated in (Ottawa) Andrea's post How to play hopscotch. A quick and by no means complete survey of children's toys revealed design "C."

What are the cultural and geographic variations for drawing a hopscotch board? Drop me a comment ... which pattern is familiar to you and where do you live?


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Brigindo said...

C is the only one that looks right to me. Never realized they came in different configurations. Grew up in a big city in the Northeast USA.

Oh...but I never really liked the game.

cathy | Mommy Motivation said...

Obviously it's A, doesn't everyone know that? :)

Lee said...

Brigindo: I remember playing. I don't remember having a passion for it! And thanks for giving me your location. Interesting how it's geographically grouped.

Cathy: That's what I'd say. Where (approx) are you from?

Sean Leather said...

I seem to (vaguely) remember B, though A would definitely be acceptable. C would never be. ;)

Southeast US.

Lee said...

Sean: Thanks for adding another data point!

chichimama said...

A, and I am from New England, but my mom is from the midwest and I think she probably taught me how to do it :-).

I now live in the MidAtlantic states and they seem to have mostly B here on the playgrounds. I actually had a mother yell at me that I was drawing it wrong last year when I automatically started drawing A...

Lee said...

chichimama: Interesting how people assume there's only one way of doing things. Thanks for the data point!