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Monday, January 21, 2008

15 minutes of free time


Add this doodle to your blog (after reading the Terms and Conditions of Use), by copying and pasting the code below:

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Craig D said...

I was just telling my brother this past weekend that those fifteen minutes of "free times" were NOT fifteen consecutive minutes, and now this!


Lee said...

Hah! That's too funny Craig!

I'd been toying with using this idea for a doodle for a while. I was originally going to use some sort of linear calendar progression thingy. And I never got around to it.

And then when I read your post it just clicked in my head! Thanks for giving me the kick I needed!

DaniGirl said...

I just added this one to my drafts/ideas folder for future publication. Amen, sista!!

Lee said...

Looking forward to seeing which words you wrap around the image, Dani!