Saturday, November 17, 2007

Christmas crush

Is it just me, or did the Christmas decorations appear in the stores earlier than usual this year? I could have swore there was a time when Christmas-y things didn't appear until after American Thanksgiving!

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Craig D said...

It was re-dang-diculous to see the CHRISTMAS displays hung up while I was buying Halloween candy a few weeks back.

The MACY'S "Thanksgiving Day" parade used to be the harbinger of the Christmas season, but not anymore!

Will my daughter someday be nostalgic for the sight of a jack o'lantern 'neath the Christmas tree in July?

Time will tell...

Dorian Gray said...

Even here in Italy all the shops are showing Christmas Trees and decorations! What a wonderful red-day all around! The best thing is La Rinascente in Milano amd, of course, the all-red Valentino stores!

ps. congratulations 4 the blog!

Lee said...

Craig: Glad to see you out and about! Indeed. One celebration at a time ThankYouVeryMuch.

Aha! So American Thanksgiving used to be a meaningful milestone to the season of gluttony. When did they move the shopping season up by over a month? I was wondering about the July thing myself... *sigh*

Dorian: Thanks for stopping by! It's a shame that the consumerism is so universal. Somehow, I think that I might not mind it so much if I were in Italy though. (Can you tell I haven't had a holiday in a while?)