Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Eating out

Is it just me, or are there more wasps around this year than normal?

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Craig D said...

In Sothern Ontario, there was an amusement park called "Crystal Beach." One of the many things they were noted for were their slab-like cinnamon suckers, that were made on-premises.

They were sold from a small booth near the entrance to the park.

The reason I mention this is that whenever I think of wasps, I am reminded of the swarms of them that would happily crawl around the suckers at this booth. So blissed out were they, they they never seemed to be interested in stinging anybody.

I was always assured that it was perfectly hygenic to have the insects crawling all over the wares.

They were GOOD suckers!

Lee said...

Thanks for sharing Craig! I wonder if there's a market for wasp attracting sugar products (as a deterrent from getting stung yourself).

Those would have to be mighty fine suckers for me to try one -- I don't particularly like the idea of fighting with a wasp over a sweet!

Maybe the wasps contributed to the taste. After all, they're selling "digger wasp rice crackers". in Japan now!