Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Happy (and unhappy) numbers

While watching the Dr. Who episode from season 3 titled "42" last night, David Tennant rattled off:

"Any number that reduces to one when you take the sum of the square of its digits, reduce it and continue iterating until it yields 1, is a happy number. Any number that doesn't, isn't. A happy prime is both happy and prime"

As I've never taken a recreational mathematics course, in my mind's eye all I saw was this:

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Craig D said...

OMG! In addition to all the cartoons playing at our house, the wife has been running her DOCTOR WHO collection, as well.

That means wall-to-wall TOM BAKER!

The Li'l One calls them "DOCTOR GOO" and will run up to the TV screen and say, "There's Tom!" She especially loves the theme song.

I've only seen the first episode of the first season of the latest series. It looks good, but we just don't have BBC America.

Happy, happy numbers!

Lee said...

Craig: glad to hear little M is going to grow up with a strong love of Dr. Goo! (Jelly-baby?)

Tom Baker is still one of my favourites. In my books, David Tennant is right up there too!

No BBC America? For me, that would be a definite hardship!