Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A variation on Craig's $50 bill rap

Craig has a life observation that goes like this:

"If someone was standing on the corner handing out fifty dollar bills, there'd still be people complaining that they didn't get their favorite serial numbers."
How could I resist?

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Craig D said...

WOW! Immortalized in one of Lee's Doodles! For once, I'm speechless...

Lee said...

Hey Craig! Speechless? I'm OK with that. As long as you're not offended!

(And I think that is a truly brilliant life observation, by the way!)

Craig D said...

Well, I was in "middle management" for about 16 years.

Our company paid a quarterly bonus, based on the Gross Margin earned for that time period. I remembered one fairly generaous pay-out where an employee looked at his check, did some calculations and said, "A-ha! I've figured out how they're screwing us!"

That was kind of the impetus for this observation...

Lee said...


Thanks for sharing the background behind your genius!